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Beats the hell out of any double action.
In what way? You are aware the DA revolvers are capable of Single action.
I think its pretty clear the way he means is his personal enjoyment of shooting, not any kind of "what's better in a gunfight" type comparison.

Me, I'm kind of a "heretic" I do love single action revolvers, I find mine immensely enjoyable as well as practical and effective. But, I'm not a Colt SAA (or clone) or nothing kind of guy, in fact I find Colts nice, but "meh".

I love the Ruger New Model Single action. And I even commit the additional "sin" of putting pachmayr grips on some of them.

If your a historical purist, you go Colt. If you're a traditionalist, a close copy will do. I consider my SA affectation a practical "obsession". I've always felt the Ruger was the SA that Colt would have made, if only they knew how.

Coil springs, decent adjustable sights, safe to carry with 6, the New Model Blackhawk is what I want to USE, more than a historically correct piece.

and yes, I have S&Ws DA and I love them too, just differently.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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