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Another alternative low recoil rifled slug round

Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
Got a chance to shoot the stubby 12 ga rifle sighted Mossgerg with Rem, 1 oz managed recoil slugs, velocity claimed 1200 fps. As advised and expected, easier on the shoulder but..........they did indeed print 6-8" higher than their high velocity brethren. Not an option as I am out of depression adjustment on the rear sight, in fact, to get where I'm at currently, I've removed the sliding leaf, which brought hi-vels to point of aim at 50.

So hi-vels it is, man up and shoot and quit it.

As for options that may split the POI difference between *1600 fps one ounce rifled slugs and the very manageable *1200 fps.

By manipulating the barrel time with slightly higher velocity you may be able to get both reduced recoil and bring your point of impact down to two or so inches above point of aim at 50 yards. That should be a workable zero with your light "walk-about" 12 bore.

I overlooked one additonal rifled slug option from Federal. This a one ounce payload at a nominal *1300 fps.

Or perhaps the *1350 fps Federa Deep penetrator already discussed.

Be sure to "click" on the Average Range tab under Ballistics for both slugs above.

* All velocities from 30" industry test barrels.

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