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At handgun useful ranges (under 25 yards max), twist and bearing surface do not make any meaningful difference. 38 Double Ended wad-cutters plated or not work good for target and will disable a struck assailant. SWC (hardcast) are supposed to be used in the "FBI loads". But then again, they adopted the 40SW semi-autos or bigger bullets and magazine capacity.
With 32 caliber, what's the point? Berrys only makes one 32 plated bullet (RN), and I think that is intended for 32 ACP. Bad guys and good guys have been killed with 22LR. Want to turn those around too? Why not move up to 12 gauge 00 Buck shot and put 9 .32 lead balls in one shot pattern? The armies of WWI used that in trench warfare.
Personally speaking, SWC right way forward, is not going to be improved much for general all-purpose. For any specific application, I would get a different gun and caliber.
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