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Security and law enforcement folks also are unable to get "acceptable" electronic scanned finger prints from me. They say that it is a common problem with old guys.
Old methods are still accepted. Paper cards and ink don't cause delays unless they're incomplete or screwed up beyond comprehension.

For example:
In 2018, I filed a Form 4 and a Form 1 with paper fingerprint cards, taken with an ink pad and roller. One card for each of the forms had huge corrections on them, as the Sheriff's deputy filled them out incorrectly to begin with and refused to start fresh. (I figured one card with chicken scratch and big corrections, per form, was better than both nasty cards going with the same form.)

The Form 4 came back about a month earlier than expected.
The Form 1 came back in something like 47 days - which, at the time, was 6-7 months earlier than expected.

I wouldn't recommend the messy cards with corrections all over them, but ink and roller prints are perfectly fine.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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