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"Nobody remembers he got a ..38 Bodyguard, too."

Actually it was an S&W .38 Spl. Centennial Airweight, which may be why nobody remembers the .38 Bodyguard.

Jim, I wonder if you might be thinking of Matt Helm, who often did carry a Bodyguard Airweight. I'm referring to the books, not the rather silly movies.

Of course quibbling over guns used by fictional characters is kind of frivolous. I remember years ago the late Bill Jordan had a Q&A column in a gun magazine. A reader asked if James Bond's PPK in the movies was a .32 or a .380. Bill's reply was classic: "James Bond's gun shoots blanks. Cartridge doesn't matter much when shooting blanks."

A couple of issues later another reader wrote to advise it was a .32 ACP. Bill replied, "I defer to your superior knowledge in this important matter."

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