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The 'take-down' transportation method is what I would suggest.
But, not all shotguns can be taken down into short sections.

There are plenty out there that must be transported as at least one long assembly - and may just be easier to deal with fully assembled.
A few quick examples:
Winchester 25 [fixed barrel]
Rossi pumps [some had fixed mag tubes]
Savage/Stevens bolt guns [fixed barrels]
Many cheap imports [fixed mag tubes - or non-captured springs]
And, even the ubiquitous Rem 870 isn't a fun one to take down for transport. Easy? Yes. But, like many other shotguns, you're stuck transporting a pile of parts and having to deal with reinstalling those small parts in the field or at the range.
Same story with the Beretta A400. It's got a mag tube that is not easily removed.

My opinion:
Find a good hard-sided gun case that may leave some question about its contents; or try to find a multiple-rod fishing rod case that might fit the shotgun.
Or be sure to buy a shotgun designed as a 'take-down', and stick it in something cheap and boring, like a low-end viola or guitar case. Why cheap? ...Because you don't want the case to indicate that the "viola" or "guitar" might be worth stealing, either.
(A tennis racket case is likely to be far too short.)

Concealment does work.

I do it as more of a joke than actual concealment (since I'm usually hauling 3-10 other guns at the same time), but I transport my AR pistol in a very cheap tennis racket case.
At least half a dozen times, I have been asked - even by people that know me well, and even by people that have seen the contents come out of that very case before - "Why did you bring a tennis racket to the gun range [or desert/mountains]?"

Most people have no clue about the contents when they see sports or musical equipment cases. Automatic assumptions are made, and the brain has trouble dealing with any other possibility.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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