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Thank you all for the explanation. Long-range shooting is pretty much PFM (Pretty Freakin' Magical) for me. I do notunderstand its intricacies. It seems to me that having the scope "out of rotation" (for lack of a better term, where the vertical crosshair is not quite vertical) might require adding in some windage adjustment to let the bullet track the vertical, but when I hear "level," I'm thinking front-to-back. It may well be that my understanding is deficient, but I don't quite get how having the front higher than the back, or vice versa, would affect the bullet's ability to track that vertical crosshair. Or am I misunderstanding how you're leveling? Are we talking about leveling front-to-back, or left-to-right? I get that "both" is probably the answer, but I'm trying to pin down which one is a problem.
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