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My wife is not a huge fan of guns, but she grew up around them and has at least a “meh” approach to them. She is understandably terrified of guns around our children. But she has come to have a healthy respect for them, an occasional interest in them, and some amount of thankfulness for my ability to protect our family with them. To get her from “eeek!” to “meh” to “ok” has been a process and I’ll shed some light.

1) Make her confident that your first interest is in safely handling firearms and acquiring training . I did not have a pistol when we got married. She understood rifles and shotguns for hunting (after all, her dad had those.) She didn’t understand why I would want a rifle. But she saw me doing research on technique, classes, competitions, joining clubs, the best safes, the ways to educate your children, etc. I had discussions with her about why I wanted a pistol. I was honest with her about my thoughts on home defense and carrying. She saw that my decision to carry a firearm was not an easy one, it was measured, I sought counsel, I really thought through the possibility of killing someone.
2) Get her to the range so she can see that firearms are not that scary. It is even biblical! “Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” Phillipians 2:4. Married people should want to show interest in their spouses interests! Of course this mean you’re going to need to show interest in her things too! Put on your gardening hat and grab some nitting needles gentlemen! It isn’t fair to think she should go shooting and fund your hobby when you ignore hers! Put in the effort, and she will too. No guarantee on how this’ll take . I go and paint pictures with her, she goes to the range with me... Don't tell anyone, but I like painting now, and she likes shooting (occasionally)
3) Don’t hide your hobby, this is deceitful and will lead to bitterness. I know the temptation of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is strong with purchasing firearms… but one way or another, the truth always comes out. We have a joint account (works best for us.) If there is a gun I want to buy, I show her financially how I am going to save for it, explain why I want it, and ask her permission. She always says yes because I gave her the respect she deserves. “It’s my money and I can spend it how I want” is a bunch of caveman CRAP in my opinion. Show your wife some respect, after all she married your ugly butt, hahahaha.
4) Get involved with other couples that go to the range. This is kind of a bonus one… but I was lucky enough to find a couple at church that they both competitively shoot and the wives get along great. They are great ambassadors for the sport and have helped my wife see that shooting isn’t about only hunting or militias or crazy people.
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