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You'll get more scope for your dollar with a 3-9X40 and you don't need any more magnification for your stated goals. Better quality always trumps more X's.

My go-to recommendation is the Burris FF-II priced at about $200. In fact I can't think of anything under $400 that I'd choose over the Burris. The new VX-Freedom from Leupold looks good at about the same price, but no personal experience.

I've had VX-1's and VX2's in the past and would rate the Burris BETTER than the VX-1 and at least as good as the VX-2. Those used to sell for $200 and $350 respectively, but have been discontinued in favor of the VX-Freedom. The VX-Freedom is supposedly as good as the VX-2 but modern manufacturing allows them to sell it at a reduced price. If so then it will be a good one.

As long as you stick with a scope with a MSRP at or above $200 you're going to get a good scope. You may find it priced for less, but about $200 MSRP is where decent quality starts. Below that and I'd not recommend anything. All of the scope manufactures including Nikon, Vortex, Bushnell and others have decent scopes in that price range. And the quality is pretty close. It comes down to the features you like, and in that price range I like Burris or Leupold.
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