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7x57mm Mauser: scope recommendations?

Hi All,

I have decided to move my Barska 8-32x50AO scope from my Mauser [7x57mm] to a heavy barreled benchrest-esque 10/22.

However, that leaves me with a vacancy for the Mauser- and I need a scope for my old eyes.

I could use recommendations. Nothing over $300, and generally better quality than what $50-75 can get me- please.

I shoot this [my mom's rifle] about once or twice a year at most, so spending $1000 would be a waste of money better spent on gas for my truck.

I am not a hunter. Not anti-hunting, just no desire to do so. I primarily care about skill development and working on accuracy and precision. Most of my work will be under 300 yards, and I would be completely content with hitting 4 soda cans in a row at 250 yards.

Shooting cloverleafs at 300 yards are not my thing. I just don't have the skill or time to develop it, and a 1895 Chilean Mauser barrel isn't the precision instrument to try to get it either. [Mauser was sporterized in 1950s by mom and dad, to fit her. Damage is already done.]

What do you recommend, based on my budget and goals? And why?

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