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The surplus EG Maks I've seen, and the one I owned (which was made in Suhl) were nicer (fit and finish) than other non-EG Maks I've handled. The few Bulgarian Maks I've handled seemed to be pretty nice, however, but these weren't MILSURP (or at least I don't think they were.) The general claim was that the East Germans seemed to put a little more effort into the guns they produced than was seen is some of the other Communist Bloc weapons of the period. I don't know if that's really true, but it seemed so based on my limited exposure (and very limited expertise). I don't know that all EG maks were like this.

Some Maks made in reunified Germany -- notably the SIMSON-SUHL maks -- command outrageous prices. The EG pre-unification Makarov I once owned was very nicely made, and shot well (and was accurate).

Here's a bit of info on the later (not Milsurp) SIMSON-SUHl guns, which are not typical. There may be links available on that site that will help you explore.

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