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It has been so long ago I do not remember all the details but it had to do with a SCR506 radio with what the Army called a Dyno for the transmitter side. When the radio was keyed up the Dyno hummed with the sound of high RPMs. In the instructions there was a warning about touching the antenna seems there was something about RF that was not healthy. Many of the old radios became surplus/salvage meaning not many of them survived.

Anyhow, there was an old friend of Einstein and professor at Princeton dealt in Early American Junque on the west side of New Jersey near Lebanon. When in the area I would visit, there were several items that came available to him that he did not think people should have access to so he saved those items for me. On one of my visits I noticed he had two Dynos for the SCR506 transmitter, he made me a deal. He said he would be desperate to find anyone that knew what they were and no one had the wiring harness to complete a circuit. Anyhow, I explained to him with little effort the units could be converted to an arch welder. What that means when converted there are two wires coming from the Dyno, one is + and the other is -.

The conversion was made possible by a sailor that went into the Navy to work in the galley of a ship because he was African/American. When it came to electricity he was a Genius.

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