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Tomorrow is cooked, going to spend about 6 hours from my paycheck job to pick up about 5,500 pounds of 5.56 mil brass.
The Government End User Certificate FINALLY came in and tomorrow is the only day for another month I have to pick them up.

Bad news, it's a day I shouldn't take off and 5 hour drive round trip,
The good news, it's close to half million once fired brass.
Have a safe trip. Down the basement and scattered through the house are test equipment memories of before I retired and a job which frequently found its way home with me. What I need to do is measure the inductance of the existing coil and make another one but with a smaller ID but the same inductance. There is an LCR meter down the basement. Then drag a scope out and get some clue as to what frequency this thing runs at. All after winter vacation.

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