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This is a little beyond my skill set, that's why I talk to electrical engineers that do this very thing.

The EE tells me (and some of you trying this) it's often frequency issues.
Some of these steel induction units are 'Slower' (hertz) than what they use for dense, non-ferrious metals.

He informs me using a Ferrite core will help with smaller powered units.

I've actually been messing with ferrite cores (c type) trying to anneal in the gap of the 'C'.
(The 'Annie' and others have ferrite core attachments for brass annealing.)

I'm kind of tied up with getting new product lines out for my 'Day' job and don't have a ton of time to shift gears and devote the time to this right now.
My primary paycheck comes from a company that has 11 new product lines coming out, and 'New' always means 'Issues'...
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