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Shooting on the move

Interesting article on the topic. It caught me eye as I have taken classes where we practice some of the moves that the author finds less than helpful. I have to admit that sometimes I don't shoot that well on the move, although at the last match, I did pretty well. But sometimes I don't.

I do remember one stage. You started at a cover point, you had to cross a wide space to another cover point. As you went across the gap, you had to engage three poppers. I saw folks baby stepping across the wide gap to engage them. It took a bit of time and if you were shooting at popper 1, I don't see why popper two and three (if opponents) would haven't shot you dead. My solution was to skeedaddle (or at FOG, full speed amble) across the gap, firing the mandated three shots one handed at the poppers and go to cover. Yes, I missed them but that was ok, I shot them bang, bang, bang from cover. Seemed better to me that baby stepping and facing the opponent.

Some of the military guys who shoot with us, said that's what they would do. Just get out of the open.

Thus, I found the article interesting.

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