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Fair enough. I'll need to go down to jackson one day. A friend of mine is sponsored by CZ and is a production master. He owns a P01 Shadow that he runs for production. I'll have to see if i can handle it one day. I said medium hands because medium size gloves in the hospital fit me lol. Though i would think for a guy i have small hands, hell i know for a guy i have very small hands. Like lady hands they're tiny. It blows.

On the smaller CZ 75 i held it was very comfortable. Albeit not as comfortable as the full size BHP, but still comfortable. I want to say it was just an old 75 compact, not a PCR or anything that small. Yeah i'm pretty sure it was this

I'm going to have to handle one though honestly i'd be shooting it in single stage 99% of the time less i start production any time soon.

Does the decocker on the tactical versions add any fuss to the trigger? I thought for a minute i might like the P01 with no safety. I know this flip flopping but i do own striker fired weapons with no safeties what so ever so i'm pretty used to it.
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