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I actually was setting my sights on the Shadow Single Action but realized they discontinued it. While your right i'm not fond of double/singles the CZ is something else. The double pull isn't overbearing like on most double/singles i've handled and the single stage is by far the best double/single single stage i've pulled. There is a noticeable point in travel when you know the trigger is going to break much like a striker fired pistol IMO except more crisp and cleaner. Most double/singles to me have a clean break on the single stage but it's so shallow that it feels as though your just crossing a line to let the hammer down. It's not very tactile at all to me which i hate. I compare the 75 to striker fired because there is some take up like most of the striker fired weapons i've fired. So it feels very natural to me. Add to the fact that i actually didn't mind the double pull, the trigger can be tuned to be very nice, and it's meant to be carried in condition 1, well i really love the thing.

I also have thoughts that eventually one day i will jump on the production bandwagon, in which the SA will not be legal. That said since i like and have shot limited the tactical sport has my eye for down the road. I'm also seriously considering trading my M&P 40 to fund an SP-01 in .40 if i like the 9mm version enough.
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