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CZ 75 grip vs BHP Grip.

So i have yet to hold a full size CZ 75. I did hold a compact version which fit my medium sized hands very very well, though it was a little undersized. Also held a full size BHP and it might be the most comfortable handgun i've held to date. More so than a 1911 or an M&P of which i both love the feel.

My question is how much bigger is the full size CZ grip? Anyone that has a BHP and a CZ 75 could you snap a picture to compare?

I have my eyes set on a SP-01 if i can ever catch one in stock. I'm usually not a DA/SA guy, i hate my S&W 6906 we have at the house, and haven't fired a SIG DA/SA that i like. But that CZ 75 i pulled was wonderful. The single action stage felt very much like my M&P or Glock (which some would consider an insult, it's not) to me that is great. Because there is a noticeable stop where the trigger is about to break. Unlike any double/single i've pulled before, which more or less glides past the break and the hammer drops, then it goes off. Which i hate. The double action pull didn't feel like i was compressing a buffer tube spring with my finger either.

Need to just hold a full size 75 but i figured given they were so similar they would be similarly sized.

Also shot a 1911 finally and almost makes me want to rid of my polymer guns. Really enjoyed it. I doubt i ever rid of my M&P 40 but if my dad didn't like the glock 21 we split, it would be gone for something else.
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