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Thanks everyone. I don't seem to have the quote button so I'll try this.

I hear everyone's point around the .22 - good training gun, but not for defense. I guess now I'm thinking maybe to get a used .22 for training that stays in the safe otherwise, and then a good 45 for self defense. A lot of folks here seem to be recommending Ruger, as did my gun buddies.

For the question if I prefer a revolver or semi-auto - I had more fun shooting the revolvers but I think semi-auto is more practical for self defense. I generally prefer taking that one good shot and manually setting up for the next one rather than shooting a bunch of bullets quickly and hoping I hit something - but the manual time can be too much if facing a BG.

One question though - I like the Baretta 92FS but my gun buddies hate 9mm and think they're useless - particularly anything in a Glock. Thoughts?
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