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New Weatherby - Feed Issues

So I finally decided to go out and get my self a new hunting rifle this season. I did my research and decided that the Weatherby Vanguard S2 was the best choice for me (within my budget). The local Cabela's even had it in the caliber I wanted: .30-06.

So I take it to the range later that day to get it sighted in and what do I find? About half of the rounds won't feed. At first I thought it was maybe a simple tension problem with the spring but upon further inspection it looks like something more than that. When I load the magazine, the rounds that are stacked towards the left side are the only ones that wont feed. Whenever the round is stacked on the right it feeds like a dream. But i'd say about 75% of the time when the round is on the left it gets jammed. I also noticed that they are getting jammed up on the outside of the chamber and on the right side of it, not the top or the bottom, which is what makes me think it something more than a spring tension issue and maybe has something to do with the feed ramp/chamber not being properly aligned.

Considering how long i've been saving up and how close we are to hunting season this is very VERY frustrating. I havent had any luck with google search and Cabela's basically told me I'm out of luck and to take it to a gunsmith (IE sit around and wait for 2-4 weeks during hunting season). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thoughts? Anything

Thanks ya'll
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