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With a good TL/Spotter, proper positioning, and the right maintenance the SAW is a fine weapon. I've found that SAW's are like women when it comes to maintenance. If you go to much or to less on the cleaning and it won't run right. The furthest I've fired was about 800-1000 yards on area targets and with a little bit of guidance was on target. It would be really beneficial for you to sit down and fully familiarize yourself with the weapon. Each one is usually a little different and kind of becomes like a dog to it's master..It may haves its quirks every now and then but treat it right and it'll run great. And please don't do super short 1-2 rounds bursts. The one's I've used prefer to be drawn out a bit and will start to jam when not fired correctly.


EDIT: Perhaps I should clarify..The woman analogy would substitute the word cleaning for something else
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