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You go where the scenery is best, not necessarily authentic.

See Internet Movie DataBase, The Deer Hunter

toward the bottom of the first screen, there's a section called Fun Stuff. Then, under "Goofs," they include:
Errors in geography: The hunting scenes supposedly taking place in the Appalachian Range are obviously filmed elsewhere: The Appalachians are a smooth rolling range, but the scenes show towering, jagged peaks. The scenes were filmed in the Cascade Range, clear across the country.
For more specifics, look at the left margin, under "Other Info," click on "filming locations." Amongst MANY other locales, it shows:

Mount Baker, Washington, USA
(Allegheny Mountains deer hunt)

Nooksack Falls, Mount Baker, Washington, USA
(Michael releases the deer)

Whatcom County, Washington, USA
Me, I wonder if there's some back story as to why they used an elk for most of the deer scenes. Could it have been a foundling, adopted into a family of deer?
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