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Steubenville tried to attract tourists with their wall murals back in 1980's. Did it ever pan out? Years ago, I hunted with my Dad at a 10 acre orchard near Wintersville. Steep country and plenty of deer.

Mingo Junction is a town of peeling paint, rusted out cars, and closed businesses. The Follansbee coke plant fillled the air with sulfur odor from coal crushing operations. Mingo Jct. seems like a crappy town to me. But some people probably love it there.

Further north, is the small town of Calcutta, Ohio. Dad used to call it the tip of the spear. He was referring to West Virginia right across the Ohio River. Wooded areas outside of Calcutta looked promising but I've never hunted there.

Fire up the grill! Deer hunting IS NOT catch and release.
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