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Quote: Its the firing of the round that expands the brass, not seating the bullet....

Well let me tell you a story...........

About a year ago I decided that the 150 grn Swift Sirroccos were not going to group like I'd hoped for,,, so I pulled 15 bullets and poured the powder back in the can ans set the cases on the shelf until one day I came up with a new bullet to try in my 7mm rem mag, the 140 grn Accubond, as it turns out there IS a slightly difference in these two bullets,,, cause after I loaded a few they just would not pass the Thumb Pressure on the ole bench Test, after posting my said troubles on this forum another member pointed out to me that I could take my expander ball and primer pin out of my die and resize the casemouth, and it worked to perfection of course.( thanks Taylorce1)
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