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I've heard of the World Fast Draw Association (WFDA) and love the idea, but must confess I am not a member. I've been a fast draw enthusiast since watching TV westerns as a kid and packin' my cap guns. I must confess to, that I have not outgrown the allure of the fast draw either. My CAS "rig" is more fast draw than traditional cowboy. (In fact upon seeing the rig a few weeks ago fal308 had to fight the temptation to roll his eyes to the ceiling. )
I still practice my fast draw and consider myself a Gunslinger. However, like yourself, I find few others that share my interest. I believe the growth/popularity of CAS is due to four things:
1) The Single Action Shooting Society.
2) The notion that CAS is traditional "old west" and fast draw is Hollywood inspired.
3) Promotion. The founder of SASS and therefore CAS is the owner of EMF. He had/has a vested interest in the growth of CAS.
4) Costuming!!! From it's inception CAS placed a tremendous amount of emphasis on costuming. That allows participants to act out their childhood fantasies and encourages the entrie family to become involved. The "art" (yes, I said art) of fast draw does not lend itself well to women and children. One wouldn't expect to see a kid, of say 12, involved in fast draw. Until the movie The Quick and the Dead (the later one with Sharon [gun grabber] Stone) women were not looked upon as fast draw artist. The Raquel Welch movie, [i]Hannie Calder notwithstanding.
However TFL does have at least a few fast draw enthusiast. Myself, obviously, and Russ here is also a fan. (Russ I'm still trying to explain to the gunsmith what you are needing for your slipgun. He is old and .)
So, Andrewh, tell us about your gun, gear and technique.
I use the afore mentioned Hollywood inspired, Buscadero rig, which I believe would fit into the "traditional" class in the WFDA for leather. A pair of (self custom built) Vaqueros with Bisley hammers. (No aluminum barrels for me though ) I have the (bad) habit of cocking the hammer with my thumb holding it to the rear, pulling and holding the trigger until I come into "line" and slipping the hammer. Ala, the slip fire. Kids don't try this at home.


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