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I'd been watching this thread with detached amusement for awhile, mainly because I own a Lee Anniversary kit, but when the post about the Yugo appeared, I got a good laugh and decided to weigh in on this one.....For the last 19 years, I've made a good living selling cars. Probably even sold a few Yugos. Sold a lot of Lincolns and Cadillacs, too. One thing I've noticed is that, whether the customer pulled up in a Yugo or a Lincoln, they both managed to arrive at the dealership from wherever "Point A" was. I've also seen a lot of folks who could afford a Lincoln driving Yugos or Festivas or whatever, instead. Some folks for financial reasons have no choice but to drive the Yugo. Doesn't matter....if the product gets the job done to your satisfaction, and it's within your means to purchase, or you just choose not to spend more money, then get it done and don't look back.
Just for the record, other than the Lee scale which I swapped out of the kit for a Hornady scale, I have the same gear that you would be getting, and I have had no problems producing quality ammo. After reading your wants/needs, and purchase motivators, I would recommend the Anniversary kit, and I am confident you will get great results. Definitely be sure to get several good manuals (Lyman's 48th is what I got) and start your loads where they suggest. Have fun and be safe.
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