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Lee is the Yugo of the reloading world, the company is very innovative in finding cheaper ways to do things, but Lee's main objective is to make things cheaper, not better. Many years ago I decided to try reloading, being new I made the common mistake of going cheap, big mistake, the experience was so poor I almost quit reloading entirely, but I decided to give reloading another chance and tried better equipment, it worked much better and I continue to reload, it's almost 40 years now.

You might do better by ordering individual parts rather than the kit, here is a rough guide to usability of the items in the kit, the scale is the worst piece in the kit. The most important thing is to get a good reloading book, like the Speer Reloading Manual.

Challenger Press, usable
Lee Dies, usable
Powder Measure, usable
The scale is not worth the small price they ask for it

Some say I am a Lee basher, having experienced Lee's lack of quality first hand, I can only say that I have tried it...and ended up junking it.
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