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Thanks for the response. By chance I was at the range this morning with the chronograph. I tried a couple loads, made up of some powders I had on hand and some loads turned out by the Bonanza Pistol Powder measure rotors I have on hand.
Interestingly, the first load I tried duplicated the performance I was looking for and I didn't think it would work. 10.2g of HS-6 behind a 205g FP averaged 1258 fps.
What surprised me the most is that the only reason I tried this powder was that it was the one that duplicated the black powder perfromance I had gotten from balloon head cases back when I was playing around with original 19th Century guns and loads. 11g of HS-6 behind a 250g RNFP averaged 865 fps from a 4 5/8" Vaquero.
Looks like HS-6 is my black powder duplication powder. Who'd a thunk it?
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