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Browning B-92

Just picked up a used Browning B-92 in 44 Magnum. This was the first (earliest) repro 92 Winchester.

This one is mechanically sound but the wood is dinged in a couple places (some chips out of the hard plastic finish Browning is so fond of). I was thinking about sanding off the plastic and staining it walnut then putting on an old finish, so it would look a little more like what it was intended to look like (Winchester). Problem is the front forearm band is pinned on, not attached with a screw like the original. Anyone have any experience taking one of these off, then successfully getting it back on???

Also, it isn't a 44 WCF but that's the performance I'm looking for. Can any of you suggest loads or powders to give me about 1200-1300 fps with a 200g cast bullet in the 44 Magnum? Most loading manuals are into the "magnum" thing so bad their starting loads are around 1500-1800 fps. I'm looking to duplicate the 44-40 performance in this very light weight carbine.

Thanks for any opinions or suggestions.
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