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BigJim: Actually the 887 did point the best for me and to throw it up to my shoulder it was the best. I know that doesn't translate to actual shooting though. If I buy the 887 then I would have enough money left over to get loads and loads of shells.

I have Browning handguns and rifles and they are fine weapons. I'm new to the shotgun world so to speak and really enjoying the feedback.

Gun snob I am not and will fire anything that works regardless of the name or the looks. My old Stevens single shot .12 is dead on for me because I've learned to shoot the old thing over 20 years. The price on all of these is right in my range although there is a nice Beretta o/u that is not. It is a 686 (I think) used for $859.00!

Leif: thanks for the input. Not sure if I'll do duck hunting with it but that would be a nice consideration for my friends.

At any rate, I'll let you all know what happens.

Thanks again
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