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lil' miss.h-dogs...

Well fer cryin out loud Moses! Junior gave "sissy" a cell call and asked if she would come up to the "hunt club" and I told her i knew how to get there... Once there we got her to try a buddy's 12 gauge auto loader on the turkey shoot line... Girl wouldn't even try my pellet rifle and was fat, dumb and happy with the .22 for yard wolves (bunny rabbits) and that is the extent of her gunning. Well her first try had her "mount" nearly in the right spot (she gets freaked out with instruction) and for her second me and the gun owner told her to draw it in tighter but she mounted outboard a bit... Her shoulder is a bit tender tonite but we broke the ice and I think may have put a candy chew in her jaw and my "abusive" 20 will be easier to swallow Sure dang hope so cuz that $6 for 2 tries needs some back up...
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