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I have to go with MLeake on this one.

For comparison, Lance Thomas shot 6 attackers, killing 5 of them in four very clearcut self-defense shootings resulting from armed robberies at his watch store. He was shot several times himself in the process so there was no question that his life was in jeopardy.

After the last shooting, according to Kirchner*, the authorities let him know that: "political pressures being what they were...he would be indicted after another shooting, whatever the circumstances; he apparently wasn't trying hard enough to avoid confrontation."

It's a HUGE mistake for a citizen to assume that he's going to be hailed as a hero after shooting a bad guy (or bad guys). There will certainly be some who will respond that way, but there will be many more who view any killing--even killing in self-defense--as "uncivilized" or otherwise undesirable. The same folks who advocate that women carry lemon juice around to throw in the face of a criminal who attempts to rape them. The current mentality of Great Britain.

Circumstances eventually forced Thomas to close his shop. Now he does business primarily over the internet.

* The Deadliest Men, The World's Deadliest Combatants throughout the Ages by Paul Kirchner
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