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WWMAD? (What would Massad Ayoob do?)

MLeake: "Throwdown wallets or money-clips have been recommended in various overseas travel security briefings as things people might want in higher crime areas."
Massad Ayoob, in "In the Gravest Extreme" (anybody here who has not yet read it, go get a copy right now!) advocated having a $5 dollar bill wrapped around a matchbook (to give it heft so you can toss it to someone still several feet away). He says:
If I encounter a bunch of punks I can't avoid by crossing the street, and if they give me a lot of jive, I'll toss the fiver to the ringleader...I'll tell him I don't want any trouble, and suggest he buy the boys a round of beers on me.
Maybe it won't work. Maybe it'll just whet his appetite to go for my wallet. I'm betting that it will satisfy the ego need that drove him to confront me. You may think it's a [Charlie Sierra] approach. Maybe it is. I only know that it's easily worth 5 or 10 bucks to me not to have to shoot somebody.
That book was copyrighted in 1980. Allowing for inflation, the minimum today would be $20, and even that might not do it. But the idea of a throwaway wallet, with some cash and "credit cards", might still be sound, if only to give credence to your claim (should you survive!) that you tried to comply rather than escalate the situation.
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