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Originally Posted by 74A95
Some of the issues discussed here are answered at the link below. I suggest you read it over carefully.

A ramped barrel is not required for loads within SAAMI pressure specs, but brass selection can make you safer with a unramped barrel = Starline 38 Super +P and Starline 38 Supercomp.
Read that article and my first reaction is, "Holy sheep dip."

I am pretty certain that I will be happy with SAMMI-compliant book loads after reading that article. I had looked in my hardbound Lyman's 50th & Lee, the online Hodgdon's, and online Alliant loads and not seen the loads the article's author saw. Accurate #7 pops in my manuals for .38Super, 9x19, .357mag, & .44mag, so I would not be buying one powder for just one cartridge. (And that will give me an excuse for another load development for .44 & .357. Sometimes I seem to shoot so I can develop loads.)

Heck, I would be happy with the non-bulgy loads the author got with Rem & Win loads, but springing for Starline brass sounds like cheap insurance.
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