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Originally Posted by Screwball
Still, USC doesn’t make a ME permit valid… ME law does (similarly, to a lesser extent, it does with ME Constitutional carry). Unless you find Federal case law that considers carry in either situation as “other lawful purpose” you really can’t link state carry and 18 USC §930 as being good to go.
You're missing the point.

I am not claiming that anything in Maine law allows anyone to carry IN a federal building. I'm saying that 18 USC 930 prohibits firearms "IN" federal facilities (not "near," and not "on the property adjacent to"), and the law very clearly defines a federal facility as "a building or portion thereof."

Words have meaning, especially when the words constitute a law. If your inspection lanes are not indoor -- 18 USC 930 does not apply. It has nothing whatsoever to do with a Maine permit, or with Maine's version of permitless carry.

Originally Posted by Screwball
One point that should also be considered… GSA does lease property to Federal agencies. But Federal agencies can also be leased property from other sources.

Easy example… the World Trade Center. Federal agencies leased area from the Port Authority of NY/NJ. So, with said definition… it would not mean 18 USC §930 would cover the entire building… just the area that the Federal government leased.
Correct. The definition of "federal facility" in the law is:

... a building or part thereof owned or leased by the Federal Government, where Federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties.
So, using the World Trade Center as an example, 18 USC 930 would only apply to those offices rented by the federal government. Of course, the World Trade Center is a poor example because it was in New York City, where virtually nobody can [legally] carry anyway.

So your answer to my question of what law would someone be breaking if they carry a firearm at one of your inspection lanes is:

18 USC §930… per your own quoted definition.
How? It's not my definition -- the definition is in the law. The law says it is illegal to possess a firearm "in" a federal facility, and it then defines a federal facility as "a building or portion thereof ...". So, again, unless your inspection lanes are inside a building -- how do you conclude that 18 USC 930 applies in any way?

If the person has to go inside the building, that's a different situation. But that's the exception, not the rule. I have been through border crossings in Maine, New York, and New Hampshire on more than one occasion -- never had to exit my vehicle. I was never "in" a federal facility as defined in 18 USC 930.
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