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Originally Posted by 44 AMP View Post
A NYS Update for 44 AMP

Thought I would let you know things have changed in the Empire State since you left for more sane pastures. I live down on Long Island and applied for my NYS Pistol License last year before COVID shut every county office down. This was done at the Nassau County Police Department Pistol Licensing Section at their headquarters.

In my county you currently need the following to apply:
  • Four references (non family) who must complete their own form and have it signed and notarized.
  • A copy of your drivers abstract from NYS DMV.
  • ID - Drivers license, passport etc.
  • Proof of residence - Utility or tax bill.
  • Two passport sized photos.
  • $200 for the application fee.
  • All the forms filled out correctly.

Once you drop this off, you then receive the following:

A date for you fingerprint appointment.
A fingerprint card.
Four character reference forms.

My appointment was about two months later, but the shutdown made it about four months.

For the appointment, you need to bring the following:
  • The fingerprint card.
  • The notarized references forms.
  • $88.25 for the digital scanning of your fingerprints. They don't roll them, they scan your hand and fingers.

I received mine almost six months from dropping off the application.

You can apply for the following types of license:
  • Target/Hunting
  • Business/Target/Hunting
  • Amored Car Guard
  • Other. I guess this is where you would select concealed carry if you were so inclined.

The CCW license is still neigh impossible for "The Masses". However, you are allowed to conceal one pistol to and from firing range/hunting grounds in NYS. All and any others must be locked away. You are allowed to stop for meals/gas.

In NYS you cannot legally even handle a pistol unless you possess a license.

The license must be renewed every five years and can be done online. If/when you leave NYS, they still insist you surrender it.

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