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right now, there are multiple federal circuits that have said the right to keep and bear arms exists ONLY in the home. You don't need a permit to carry in your home,
I would point out that back in the 70s when I lived there, and I'm pretty certain its still the law today, In NY, you DO need a permit to carry in your own home.

You need a permit just to possess the pistol. EVEN in your own home.

And cannot that be said about states that require FOID cards??

this is a more tricksy subject than it seems on the surface, because its not just about individual rights, it's also about state's rights.

Remember that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is a restriction on the FEDERAL govt, and not specific states.

Within the Constitutional framework, states have the right to do as they see fit, to a point. We fought the Civil War over that concept, and we're still fighting it today, only in courts not the battlefield.

SO, complicating the matter are a number of things, including "does the Federal Govt have the legal authority to decide which state laws are unconstitutional? What if said law does not violate the STATE Constitution??

I'm sure the High Court is considering that, too...
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