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I'll say it again, and again times 20. If the buying public can't discriminate between well known gun making materials and cheap substitutes like plastic, aluminum and zinc then the marketplace will continue to demand guns made of garbage. People say a steel gun is too heavy, but tools that last often are heavier than cheap toy look alikes. We are a culture raised with plastic toys, and many of us can't tell the difference! Many of us have never asked the gun salesman if the frame is aluminum or steel. I can't count the number of times I've asked that very question! That black plastic frame looks just like that laser blaster in a popular cartoon, that's the thinking I think. The buying public just never grew up when it comes to quality gun materials. The more I hear about stuff like this the more I'm going to say these things again. People come back with stuff like "There's nothing wrong with (put crud material name here) guns, they've been made that way for (put number of years stupid people have bought crud material guns here) years! You are out of touch HisSoldier". Well, I'm in touch with what a good gun is made of, and I refuse to be quiet.
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