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Thanks, rg1, that's the info I was hoping to receive. I wonder if the difference in acceptable patterns is due to the recommendation to use the same charge, irrespective of the difference in weight of shot sizes in the capsules. You may have found the 'sweet spot" of #6 with 6.8gr of Unique.

As we all know, normally we reduce the charge of the same powder when the same caliber bullet weight increases. In this case, the recommendation is to use 6.8gr with

#6 = 68 pellets, weighing an average of 129.7 grains.
#7-1/2 = 120 pellets, weighing an average of 134.1 grains
#8 = 156 pellets, weighing an average of 143.2 grains.

However, as 44AMP pointed out, the plastic capsule doesn't offer the same bore flow resistance as does a jacketed or lead bullet, so maybe it's all inconsequential.

I'd love to chronograph the loads to help answer the question, but I don't trust the capsules will expand only after they exit the sky screens and motion detector units.
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