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My Speer 13th manual lists 6.8 grains of Unique with 7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot in the 44 magnum with an overall length at 1.600". Shows a velocity at 1097 fps in a 6" barrel. Says added velocity can effect patterns? They do use regular LP primers and not magnum primers. I've tried them with lead shot from 8 up to lead #2 shot. 6 shot makes a good load in my 7 1/2" barrel and even though I haven't hunted I believe it'd do well on small game out to 10-15 yards? Don't put a shot round in another chamber and shoot a full powered 44 mag load as it can and does unseat the capsule and prevent the cylinder from turning. It does need a light crimp on the plastic capsule but easy as they will shatter. The spread is said to be an inch per foot? 10 ft then a 10" diameter pattern etc.
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