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Scorch, it is a problem that is becoming more problematic. The technology has increased to the point that the slob hunters of old, who missed at 500 yards, are now wounding. It is a problem I don't want solved for the skilled ethical hunter, but which I would like solved for those who can't handle it. Lowest common denominator is where we are headed. Speed limits in the early 1900s to wear your mask in 2020. We keep trying to legislate morality and responsibility into a population that needs a few throat punches.

I have "guided" a few wounded soldiers, or otherwise disabled hunters. Getting them close is often not a doable proposition. But we are on private land and I am on my match gun in case something goes wrong. Have not had any issue, but it is such a controlled environment and shots I'd not even take without the controls and conditions created to help these guys get their lifetime dream hunts.
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