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Report from match with P220. The gun is a real German P220 with aluminum receiver and "folded" slide; a home market gun bought in a PX Rod and Gun Store there.

The owner was shooting it because his 1911 would not feed the Hornady swaged SWCs he was loading.
Well, the P220 wouldn't handle them, either, which agrees with my experience with a P220 and SWCs. I have heard people to say their P220 was fine with SWCs but there are those that are not and I recommend you stick with bullets without a shoulder, roundnose and ogival hollow points were fine in mine and I would expect a truncated cone to be OK.

When it shot, it shot accurately.
The crunch-tick of the untuned action was a bit of a challenge for him, first shots were slow off the mark. If it had been massaged by Bruce Gray like my P226, and if he shot it regularly it would have done better.

A recent P220 with heavy milled slide, heavy stainless receiver, and an action job would be as good a Production .45 as you are likely to find.

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