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Recommendations wanted for a large pistol primer handgun

I have a 9mm gun for carry, another for competition, and a Kimber 45ACP. I detest the Kimber. I can't get 100 rounds out of it before it will start to malfunction, it is just way too finicky for me. No, I have no interest in going over what is wrong with it or 'correcting' it. It is out of here.

I reload, and I have 2 guns that I enjoy that cover small pistol primer rounds. I want to get rid of the Kimber and replace it with another Large Pistol primer round/gun.

The other requirement I'm looking for is for the gun to be legal in the Steel Challenge Series Production class, which has some pretty specific requirements:

The gun must be able to fit into a 8 15/16” x 6” x 1 5/8” box with a mag inserted, and it must also weigh less than 59 ounces with an empty mag inserted.

It will also fill the role of a home defense gun.

I handled a Sig Sauer 1911 yesterday that had a really sweet trigger, but the LGS only had ones that were all dressed up with paint jobs like Molon Labe.

Any other makes I should look into?
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