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Road Clam is dead on. Most right handed people will shoot to the left, with a striker fired pistol, it is almost always a trigger pull issue. As far as being off, vertically, it is three things: (1) the pistol is being shot with different velocity ammo than it was sighted in at by the factory (2) it is being fired at a different distance than it was sighted in at. Your line of aim and bullet trajectory or not parallel lines, they intersect at two different points - when the bullet crosses line of aim on the way up, when it crosses it again on the way down (3) sight picture used as compared to sight picture intended. Some guns (target pistols) are meant to be used with a "6 o clock hold" others (typically your fighting pistols) are meant to be used with a "bullseye hold".

I have an M&P 2.0 Compact in 9mm. The further out I go, the further to the left it will hit. It ain't the gun.

Dry practice is key. Pick a spot on a white wall, practice holding your sight picture on the spot and slowly press the trigger. Pay attention to any movement your sight make as the (dry) shot breaks. No one can completely keep it from moving BUT hours of doing this at home will greatly reduce how much it moves. Red dots are great for this. Dry practice, with a red dot will show you exactly what movement you are making at the time of press.

Or..... your gun might genuinely be messed up. Rule this out by taking the best pistolero you know to the range with you.
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