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Originally Posted by shooter43
I was shooting a target 15 yards away and my shots were centered but very low on the area I was aiming for
We need you to be more specific. Are we talking a few inches low or 8" low ? Keep in mind your handgun's sights were a pre-determined POI based upon a certain velocity ammo and a predetermined distance. If your shooting a different type of ammo, and at a different distance that what the factory used you PIO will be off. There is many variable factors as to observed shot placement (and honestly most of them are most likely you). I ALWAYS seek the assistance of another shooting buddy to shoot my firearm, if in the end we are BOTH pushing the shot placement 5" right , then safe to say the sights are in fact a bit off. But if you shoot 5" right, and your buddy shoots more centered, then it's all you. I'm going through this exact scenario with my new 1858 Enfield musket rifle. My shots are consistently about 4" right at 50 yds , but my accomplished shooting buddy is only shooting about 1.5" right, but he shoots definitely more consistent with ideal windage hits. . So i'm a little unsure as to what my course of action will be.
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