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strip the pistol enough to remove the slide stop plunger and plunger spring (this will also remove the safety plunger).

Reassemble the gun enough to be able to work the slide with the slide stop in place without any tension on it. Insert the "defective" magazine and see if the slide will lock back. If yes, then you can discount the plunger tension as the problem. But if it fails to lock open, then your problem is the plunger and its spring tension.

Some guns just have the plunger pushing on a flat face on the slide stop. Others have a "dimple" in the slide stop for the plunger to ride in. These can be stiff, especially on a new gun. Also look at the plunger tip, itself, it should be smoothly rounded, without anything to cause drag.

Same check for a "stiff" safety. Seldom the cause but can be. Simple check to confirm or eliminate as a possible cause.

good luck
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