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Muscling the rifle in. I suspect he's saying your fighting body tension. Good way to really see it is in prone on the 100yd range. Sight at the target then close your eye's and relax. When you open your eye's the point of aim probably will have moved! That's the result of you fighting lower back muscles. Kick your legs and feet a bit in the direction you moved with your eye's closed and do it again. The same apply's in sitting, kneeling and off hand position's. Don't fight your muscle's. If your right handed the barrel will be pointing to the left side of your body with the muscle's relaxed.

I should mention do the same in every position. If your fighting your own muscle's you'll never fire as well as you can. You've already been told about breath control, good. Trigger control. We all pull a shot now and then, that come's from yanking on the trigger rather than squeezing it. You can practice this at home. Get your rifle up in off hand position and have someone balance a quarter on the muzzle of the barrel. Dry fire the gun without knocking the quarter off the barrel. You jerk just a bit and you lose the quarter. Maybe the jerk is brought about over the years by people suggesting you pull the trigger. Don't pull, press till the striker drops. With good trigger control you can still fire bad trigger rifles very well, but you'll like better trigger's in the end.
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