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if you're concerned about the mount, the Saker's mount is rock-solid. In my opinion, SilencerCo has one of the best (if not the best) quick-attach mounting systems with their Trifecta mount. Even the Saker MAAD mount for the AAC 51T mount is rock-solid, so it mounts to the AAC 51T flash hider better than the AAC cans do.

I don't really know anything about the Griffin cans. I tried to look the up some basic info on their website, but they don't even tell you what the can is made of. If you're doing lots of semi-auto shooting and you want the can to last a while (especially on a 5.56 SBR), you'll want a can made of inconel; titanium and regular stainless steel just won't hold up as well. The SDN-6 has inconel baffles and the Saker has stellite baffles (which are even stronger than inconel). But I have no idea what the baffles on the Griffin are made of and I couldn't figure it out from their website.
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