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Griffin Recce 7 - Any opinions?

I have a couple of .22 cans in jail right now, and have just had a MP 15-22 and Noveske lower engraved to get the From 1's in on those. I know I will use the .22 suppressors the most, so I ordered a Sparrow for heavy use on rifles, occasional pistol use. I ordered a Warlock II for the light weight, and easy of baffle removal.

I know I want a 7.62 capable suppressor for use on bolt gun, 300blk SBR, and 556 (SBR and longer lengths).

The Saker and SDN-6 are pretty high on the list, but I really like the taper mount system for the Griffin.

I already know that I will still be using ear-pro when shooting, so DB ratings are not what I am chasing. I am concerned about the mounts for the Saker and SDN. Is there any issues, beyond teeth wear? I know the Saker just came out, and the Recce 7 hasnt been around long though.

My importance list for this can are:

a good mount/lock up
minimal POI shift and accuracy
not too much blowback on semi-autos (learning how annoying this can be)
DB reduction

The Recce seems to be a bit louder in ratings, but the mounting system seems fantastic and I dont really need true Q/D ability. Also gets me a lighter weight (which should help with POI shift)

So, anyone with any experience with the Recce 7? Is the 4-5db difference enough to outweigh the benefits (also note, its a bit cheaper), but I dont want to regret a decision. The guys at Silencer Shop seemed to like it, one mentioning that it was quieter at ear vs the Saker.

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