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Dairy have to quit doing that! Man, Im going broke from the endorsement checks! Ya, I know.....Im strange!

The holster he has shown you all, is one of my most popular holsters now.....and I named it the "DC Special".......simply because he helped me design it over the phone. Im wearing one as I type this...............DC doesnt stand for Dual Clip...It stands for Dairy Creek.

Point.....thanks for the kind words.....sincerely. My leather has to function perfectly or I wont sell it. I make it from a gunners point of view and if it turns out pretty on top of that...then I did alright. You can check out the customers photos on my website for a vast array of what things look like. Im not the best, but Im trying my best to get there and my stuff gets better everyday.

Thanks for the kind words and if I can help, just yell..........Shoot well, Eric
If they dont know you have a gun.....then I did alright!

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